The Noveon NailLaser &
Genesisplus Laser

The Noveon NailLaser and the GenesisPlus Laser are two highly effective fungal therapies available today. Each takes a different approach to treatment. Whether alone or combined, they offer patients the best possible option for clearing nail fungus.

No preparation or medication is required for the treatments, which take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete in our ClearNailz office. Each patient's treatment is customized for the appropriate laser type, power and dosage. During your treatment, you can relax, read, listen to music or even nap. Patients can go back to their normal activities immediately following this convenient therapy. For maximum results, three treatment sessions are required over a six-week time period. This ensures that the treatment destroys the fungus in all phases of its growth cycle. Healthy growth and clear nails are usually seen within three to six months.

"Some studies show superior results with a greater than 85 percent success rate," says Dr. Ettinger. "We're seeing excellent results, even better than we anticipated. Our patients are happy with their outcomes."

Here is more information about each of these advanced treatments.

Noveon NailLaser

"The Noveon NailLaser was originally the brainstorm of a dentist who noticed that the laser was effective for gingivitis or gum disease," says Dr. Robbins. Many generations later, the technology is now pending FDA clearance for its powerful ability to stop nail fungus, a widespread infectious disease of the toenails and fingernails.

The Noveon is a pioneering technology that uses no radiation or heat. Instead, it directs two different wavelengths of near-infrared light through the surface of the nail, causing a chemical reaction called photoinactivation that kills the fungus. "The Noveon basically disrupts and deactivates the DNA in the cells of the fungus," explains Dr. Ettinger.

Additional advantages of the Noveon NailLaser:


The GenesisPlus is an FDA approved YAG 1064 nm laser that is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus. During treatment, pulses of laser light pass through the nail and into the pigment cells of the fungus. The laser energy causes the cells to heat up and collapse, which effectively destroys the fungus.

The doctor will direct the laser at the infected nails several times to ensure maximum effectiveness. During the procedure, you will experience mild warmth on the surface of the toe, but pain medication is not required and most patients find the procedure comfortable. You can return to normal activities immediately following a treatment session.

Clear Nails Once Again

The Noveon NailLaser and GenesisPlus are exciting new options we offer at ClearNailz that can help millions of people enjoy going barefoot again. Your physician will determine which laser or combination of lasers will give you the best clinical results. We look forward to helping you achieve clear, healthy nails once again.

Long-Term Foot Hygiene

Because nail fungus is an infectious disease that is contagious, it can be acquired easily in a wide variety of environments. For example your shoes may be infected with the fungus without your realizing it. Your shower, carpet or floors at home may be infected. You can also pick up fungus from the gym, in locker rooms, at swimming pools, the lawn, and any number of places indoor or outside.

Dr. Robbins and Dr. Ettinger believe the Noveon NailLaser and the GenesisPlus are the most effective new treatments on the market for nail fungus. However, these therapies can only stop the fungus that current infects your toes. That means you must practice good foot hygiene to reduce your risk of re-infecting your toes with a new fungus.

"It's similar to the process of treating gingivitis or gum disease," says Dr. Robbins. "For example, once gingivitis is diagnosed, the dentist will begin a series of treatments, but you must follow certain guidelines and take special care of your teeth and gums long-term. It's the same with nail fungus. We have a full regimen patients must follow after treatment."

Steps to Prevent Nail Fungus Recurrence

"Most nail fungus infections enter from a small cut or injury to the skin, so a lot of our focus on good foot hygiene starts with the skin," says Dr. Ettinger. The first step is to wash your feet and between the toes every day. Be sure to keep everything clean and dry.

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